September (Quebec/Canada) - new covid-19 "vaccine" injection campaign through schools (Children 12 years +)
Que se passe-t-il dans un corps humain qui reçoit un "vaccin" ARN contre le Covid-19 ?

without any informed consent and/or free decision(s) from the parent(s) or patient.

VAERS (updated -September 21Th): Immediate possible side effects: thrombosis / autoimmune disease / paralysis / eczema / myocarditis / death ...
Long term: unknown

Declaration to be signed by the doctor/"vaccinator" who recommends the genetic experimental injection of mRNA
Mobile vaccine clinic - Cease and Desist Order and Notice of Liability (example)
parental consent (french example) / acknowledgment of receipt (french example)

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Cleaning: Raffa
Insulation: Carla / Straw Balls
Combining: Precharged heat pump + Canadian well (preheated/cooled air in the back) + 4' wind turbine (front) to charge a 1800 watts generator
Combining: heat pump (wind) + 4' wind turbine + magnets ( above the turbine for a magnetic flux variation + copper)
Combining: heat pump + solar panels / Jeff + Marco: drying + heating => solutions for (dust + humidity)
Combining: Gardening / Vertical growing in a leaning green house + wapiti green house / raised bed / straw bale gardening
Preheating water: air heat pump to tank water / Solar batch heater / Compost + Mini biomeiler - Alexandr / Ebrahim (fixed focus solar concentrators)

Parabolic trough - (wear sunglasses) - experimentations
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Solar Resistance
Bill of materials: ball bearing disk, 3 cylinders 3/8'' diameter copper pipes (welded) - 160' long bended in rolls - hollow aluminium rectangular bars, central I aluminium beam, glass cylinder, barbecue black paint, Heliotrack 2 axis solar tracker, 6 motors (12 volts).

Efficiency => Quartz + secondary reflections + aluminium polishing + vaccuum evacuated tube
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Quartz (UV grade fused silica glass) lets Ultraviolet passes trough => Energy is collected even in cloudy skies (no yellow sun).
If your windows were made of transparent quartz you will probably gain naturally 4-5 Celcius in winter. Also, internal reflection must be added inside the tube (mirrors or inox plate or reflective film or polished aluminium ). Besides, in order to loose weight the reflector must be made of fine polished aluminium sheets attached to a fine flexible plywood.

Solar energy storage => dense salt (Glauber)
Vertical heat exchanger - Solar energy storage in salt
earth_inside earth_inside heat storage capacity heat storage capacity heat storage capacity

A solar concentrator achieves high temperatures. Steam induces high pressure and explosion, so a solar concentrator should be used to heat corn oil (smoke point 232C and freezing point around -20C). For example, make a vertical heat exchanger with aluminium cooking baskets. A polystyren container is surrounded with salt, temperature drops from 220 C to 40 C in 5 minutes. The storage system is made of an insulated container filled up with regular salt (Glauber & fine is better). We repeat this operation to store heat into the salt. A black tube preheats the tap water that goes into the tank water heater. Around the container a vaccuum must be done, with a water jet vaccuum pump.